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SSES (Sanitary Sewer Evaluation Survey) Reports

Privately owned and operated sanitary sewer systems located in Miami-Dade County are required to function properly. All system parts including pipes, cleanouts, manholes and pump stations must be fully operational and in good condition.
DERM (Division of Environmental Resources Management) mandates that sanitary systems be compliant with County Code and the SSES report must be signed and sealed by a Florida licensed-engineer.
The SSES is a comprehensive report that specifically meets required Miami-Dade guidelines for both Plan A and Plan B sanitary sewer systems.

Your PSO (Private Sanitary Sewers Operating) permit requires the submittal of SSES accordingly to your plan of:


  1. Plan A: facilities with less than 1000 feet of gravity pipe with a Pump Station
  2. Plan B: facilities with 1000 feet of pipe or more with or without a private sanitary pump station


SSES reports require the following:

  • necessary field investigations
  • smoke testing & flow measurement testing (when applicable)
  • manhole inspection reports
  • groundwater infiltration
  • an updated engineer’s site drawing with title block accurately matching the SSES report

HEIS is one of the few engineering companies in Florida with over 20 years of experience that performs SSES reports for Miami-Dade.  We provide a turnkey solution from start to finish for required field investigations—completing any necessary repairs and providing the mandatory report to Miami-Dade County, ensuring your property is compliant.

*The final SSES report MUST be signed and sealed by a Florida licensed-engineer.


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Our SSES Process

During Phase One

  • An on-site field investigation of your sewer system is performed, during which we:
  • Thoroughly examine and document all sanitary system components (wet wells, pump stations, gravity mains, manholes, grease traps, etc.) for compliancy
  • Inspect and evaluate all sanitary system structures, piping, manholes, and structural components for proper functioning
  • Conduct an on-site field inspection measuring and mapping the sanitary sewer pipe sizes, pipe lengths and the entire underground system to validate and update the engineer’s site map per DERM’s requirements
  • Identify any system/structural deficiencies that require repairs such as leaks, broken pipes, cross-line issues with storm drains/sewer lines, etc. 
  • Conduct smoke & flow measurement testing (when applicable)
  • Provide our clients with a thorough repair report summary, detailing any observed/detected deficiencies and the cost for required repairs in order to become compliant
  • Perform and document all required testing and repairs in detail from start to finish, per SSES requirements
  • Our Chief Engineering Officer prepares an updated engineering sewer plan from the on-site findings and provides the site plan on their title block, ensuring it meets DERM requirements for SSES reports and that all site drawings are accurate
  • All the aforementioned documentation and collected data is then prepared and recorded in your SSES report





During Phase Two

  • Implementation of all necessary repairs


  • Performance of any additional re-testing (i.e. smoke or flow measurement testing that previously failed)


  • Obtainment of SSES permit fees from client to submit with SSES report


  • Once the SSES report is completed, it is reviewed by our chief engineering officer and Florida-licensed engineer for final review and approval


  • Our engineer then signs and seals it for official submission and provides the sanitary sewer certification to Miami-Dade County





Once the comprehensive evaluation, testing, data collection and repairs are completed, our Florida licensed-engineer will confirm your system is compliant with government mandates.


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Conducting proper SSESs and what it requires:


Conducting on-site field investigations and inspection of the entire sewer system and structures through:

  • visual inspections
  • force main inspections
  • pumping facility inspections and condition assessments
  • gravity sewer inspections
  • manhole inspections
  • smoke testing
  • flow testing (for Plan B only)
  • grease trap inspections
  • video inspections when necessary
  • smoke re-testing
  • for Plan B only: testing of all necessary systems including flow measurement: flow measurement re-testing


Key service components:


  • Identification of problems with infiltration and inflow – I/I – when excess water from the sewer leaks out into the surrounding soil
  • Use of smoke testing to identify any leaks in cracked or broken pipes, or cross-line issues between the storm drains and sewer lines
  • Rain stimulation & flow monitoring: flow monitors measure the amount of flow going down a sewer line. They are pivotal in assessing the rise of water flow occurring during rainstorms
  • When a system is extremely old, it is likely in need of a rehabilitation plan in order to be compliant with present day mandates.
  • We provide a plan with detailed cost analysis to determine optimal measures to be taken
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When Experience Matters...

Each on-site inspection is performed by an experienced team of state-licensed inspectors, and reviewed by our engineers and construction professionals. Our proposals offer the best possible pricing for a full range of quality drainage solutions, all fully compliant with County/State and ordinances.

Detailed pre-service inspections, before-and-after repair photos, and post-service reports ensure our clients receive complete and total quality service. Our highly transparent pricing structure—the Guaranteed Inspection Fee— provides clients with peace of mind throughout the duration of the certification process.

We place the utmost importance on attention to detail and clarity of information provided to our clientele. Vague, inaccurate and misleading hidden proposal fees are eliminated, thus giving clients the best quality services at the best rates possible.

Our Shared Values


Leaves our clients with a sense of ease through-out their experience


Inspires trust in our company and services


Delivering services of exceptional quality for our employees and clients

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SSES Sanitary Sewer Evaluation Surveys

HEIS is one of the few engineering companies with over 20 years of experience, which performs SSES reports for Miami-Dade. Providing a turnkey solution for SSES. It MUST be signed & sealed by a Florida-licensed engineer with an updated sanitary sewer plan of your site prepared by the engineer.