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Holland Engineering

Leaders in civil engineering design
Bringing unique advantages through our engineering inspections and certifications

What We Do

Civil Engineering Design

Leaders in civil engineering design for over thirty years

Engineering Inspections & Certifications

Simplified turnkey process from start to finish

Team Work

Assisting your every engineering design and inspection need

Engineering Solutions Simplified


Holland Engineering (HEI) has been a top Florida civil and design engineering firm for over two decades.

Holland Engineering Inspection Services (HEIS), the newest extension of HEI, specializes in engineering certifications, inspections and services.

HEI and HEIS together are full-service firms, providing services from civil engineering design to engineering inspections, as well as State and County-required certifications.
Highly adaptable and versatile, we have overseen engineering projects of all types and consistently exceled at problem solving for our clients for over twenty years.


We pride ourselves at providing clients with superior and uniquely tailored service, with a demonstrated ability to meet tight budgetary requirements and timelines. Transparency and integrity being of utmost importance to us, we lead our teams with the highest standards of business practice. Our focus on building long-term client relationships and retention has helped us become a top Florida engineering firm.


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Our Shared Values


Leaves our clients with a sense of ease through-out their experience


Inspires trust in our company and services


Delivering services of exceptional quality for our employees and clients