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For over 20 years, Holland Engineering has inspected, cleaned, repaired and solved stormwater drainage systems throughout South Florida. Per Broward County Code, a Surface Water Management License Renewal permit must be filed every 5-years.


As you know, the proper function of your stormwater drainage system is required for your License Renewal with Broward County, and may include obligatory cleaning and/or repairs.

Surface Water Management License Renewal requirements and inspection includes:

  • Two (2) on-site inspections; the initial inspection, plus a final second inspection to verify that the cleaning and/or any repairs are completed and compliant.
  • A certification letter signed and sealed by a professional Florida-licensed civil engineer
  • Copies of the initial and final property inspection reports, operational activity log, or any other documents required for certification

Upon initial inspection, we identify all potential site deficiencies.  Based on our results, we will send you a proposal/contract for all necessary repairs and cleaning—while always giving you the best pricing possible.


Our simplified in-house process completes your Stormwater Certifications in its entirety.


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Broward's Compliance

1. Initial on-site inspection: evaluating current conditions of your storm drainage system, obtaining basin sediments levels and taking pre-repair photographs documenting structural damages. We then submit our findings in a preliminary report mandated by Broward County.

2. Follow-up inspection: verifying all photographs reflect appropriate cleaning and that repairs to your system have been completed in compliance with County regulations. We then submit a final inspection report mandated by Broward County.

3. Cleaning/Repairs:  We complete your certification in its entirety. After having identified any property deficiencies, we'll send you a proposal detailing the necessary scope of work in order to be performed. We perform any/or all of your required cleaning & repairs.

4. Engineer's Certification:  Upon completion of repairs, we deliver all official documentation mandated by Broward County for you: a) a signed and sealed letter written by a Florida-licensed civil engineer, guaranteeing you are in compliance with County Codes and Ordinances. b) your Final Inspection Report.

5. Submittal Process:  Broward County requires submitting copies of the initial and final property inspection reports, as well as HEIS's approved operational activity log.



Your entire stormwater drainage system is required to be compliant with Broward County regulations, including but not limited to:


  • Cleaning of all drainage structures. Broward County requires drainage structures have less than 1 inch of sediment in each basin at the time of your license renewal


  • All surrounding drainage structures of asphalt/concrete apron basins must be in good condition


  • All large visible surface cracks must be repaired


  • All and/or any interior cracks inside the basins must be repaired (ie mudwork performed)
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When Experience Matters...

Each on-site inspection is performed by an experienced team of state-licensed inspectors, and reviewed by our engineers and construction professionals. Our proposals offer the best possible pricing for a full range of quality drainage solutions, all fully compliant with County/State and ordinances.

Detailed pre-service inspections, before-and-after repair photos, and post-service reports ensure our clients receive complete and total quality service. Our highly transparent pricing structure—the Guaranteed Inspection Fee— provides clients with peace of mind throughout the duration of the certification process.

We place the utmost importance on attention to detail and clarity of information provided to our clientele. Vague, inaccurate and misleading hidden proposal fees are eliminated, thus giving clients the best quality services at the best rates possible.



Leaves our clients with a sense of ease through-out their experience.


Inspires trust in our company and services.


Deliver services of exceptional quality for the betterment of our employees and clients.

Marina NPDES Compliance

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SSES Sanitary Sewer Evaluation Surveys

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Stormwater Certifications

Not all companies play by the same rules. With HEIS, there are NEVER any hidden fees or surprises. We complete your Certification for Stormwater License 5-Year Renewal in its entirety. Holland Engineering has inspected, cleaned, repaired and solved stormwater drainage systems for over 20 years.