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Storm Drain flooding: commercial and residential

Florida residents are all too familiar with torrential downpours, storms and hurricanes producing more than 50 inches of rain each year.  If you have ever had major flooding, you know it causes a host of problems for your property including damage to vehicles, rusted grates and potholes caused by asphalt deterioration. Liability issues also arise if and when people fall or injure themselves in the flooded areas.

Often the mere cleaning of drainage systems does not suffice in resolving flooding problems.

HEIS provides a highly cost-effective way to identify your drainage flooding issues. Because our Florida-licensed engineers design storm drainage systems, they expertly know how the system should function at its optimal level. Their ability to troubleshoot and determine flooding sources saves clients time and money. Having an experienced engineer on-site without having to pay costly retainer fees is an exceptional benefit to our clients.

Our solutions ensure that your drainage system is properly inspected, cleaned, repaired and maintained by our experienced in-house stormwater professionals. Our licensed-engineer, general contractor and stormwater professionals complete a complimentary onsite assessment before any fees are proposed. Clients never pay for anything they do not need.

HEIS is committed to long-term client retention. People trust our skills and want to work with professionals. We truly care about our clients and are committed to helping you solve flooding problems.


Having experienced engineers on-site, without having to pay heavy retaining fees,  is an exceptional benefit to our clients.



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Our Process

  • Our chief engineer, general contractor and stormwater inspector reviews all plans and assess your flooding situation.


  • An initial on-site visit to see the situation first-hand with our chief engineer, general contractor, stormwater inspector and drainage contractor company takes place


  • Our stormwater inspector performs a second on-site full drainage system inspection, detailing sediment amounts in basins and documenting any interior or exterior structures in need of repair (i.e. asphalt, concrete, grate replacement, etc.). This is a complimentary service valued between $1500 - $3000 or more.


  • A detailed report summary is presented to the client during a meeting with our team to discuss the best approach to rectifying the flooding problems. We review liability risks together. Further recommendations and options are offered and implemented, should the first solution not resolve the problem.


  • We prepare all detailed proposals/contracts and perform the scope of work agreed upon until the issue is resolved.


Recent Case Study Example:


  • 1)   Commercial client in Deerfield Beach with seven (7) commercial buildings, heavy loading areas and a 57-structure drainage system is experiencing heavy flooding between buildings and water not draining properly.


  • 2)   An initial on-site visit takes place with our chief engineer, general contractor, stormwater inspector, and drainage contractor company/client to see the situation first-hand.


  • 3)   Our certified inspector performs an additional stormwater inspection of the entire drainage system. We discover many structures in need of repair, including damaged catch basin frames, grates and compromised asphalt/concrete– a liability risk for the client, should anyone get hurt on the property or vehicles be damaged.


  • 4)   We also discover that many drains are flooding upwards of three (3) feet of standing water in the loading dock areas between the buildings.


  • 5)   Our chief engineer evaluates the drainage system, upon which she finds a concrete plug in a manhole, located where the system should be discharging. Our team researches past permitting and water district plans to determine whether there was a purpose for this plug.


  • 6)   Upon ascertaining the causes of current drainage problems, and those of other observed structures, our experts review and discuss all issues and decide upon the best and cost-effective ways to resolve them.


  • 7) The entire team meets with the client to review our details summary report along with site map and pictures to discuss the best approach for the cleaning/repairs (in stages, as needed) and agree on the scope of work, cost and fee schedule.


Having experienced engineers on-site, without having to pay heavy retaining fees,  is an exceptional benefit to our clients.


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Our Expert Team’s Plan of Action:

In addition to the efforts in resolving the areas of flooding, we must also rectify the three (3) catch basin structures compromised and that pose a safety and liability issue.  There are also many structures in poor conditions such as, deteriorating asphalt around basins and with broken grates.

Plan of action includes:


  • replacing all three (3) catch basin structure frames
  • hydrojet cleaning all structures, including the interconnected drainage structures and piping between basins. Industrial hydrojet/vacuum with high-pressure water to scour the interior pipes
  • engineer will be on-site to evaluate the manhole that was plugged, as well as the adjacent lines and catch basins during cleaning as to identify whether there is a larger issue with the system flow
  • on-site drainage pipe video inspection for three (3) pipelines to be performed when a pipe blockage is encountered during the cleaning process thus minimizing heavy costs associated with plugging & pumping ALL eight (8) problem areas identified


Our team addresses the blockages by plugging & pumping immediately, and conducting a video inspection to identify blocked lines in order to resolve the core issues.


Marina NPDES Compliance

We provide NPDES compliance services for Florida Marinas and Boatyards. We make the permitting process easy: we complete site maps, update your Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP), handle your documentation and submit it to FDEP.

SSES Sanitary Sewer Evaluation Surveys

HEIS is one of the few engineering companies with over 20 years of experience, which performs SSES reports for Miami-Dade. Providing a turnkey solution for SSES. It MUST be signed & sealed by a Florida-licensed engineer with an updated sanitary sewer plan of your site prepared by the engineer.

Construction NPDES Inspections

We provide NPDES compliance inspection services. We perform weekly erosion and sediment control; and rain event inspections for construction projects. We make the permitting process easy by providing your SWPPP Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan and documentation, which we submit to FDEP.

Stormwater Certifications

Not all companies play by the same rules. With HEIS, there are NEVER any hidden fees or surprises. We complete your Certification for Stormwater License 5-Year Renewal in its entirety. Holland Engineering has inspected, cleaned, repaired and solved stormwater drainage systems for over 20 years.