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The ever-changing conditions of a construction site often leave teams to face daunting challenges in order to maintain appropriate stabilization controls.  These must be implemented to minimize stormwater runoff from entering our storm drains, streets and neighboring properties.

Stabilization controls are preventative measures during and post-construction, as stormwater discharge associated with the industrial activity on the construction site must be contained.  Illegal discharges of pollutants leaving the property can lead to various environmental and legal problems.
As stormwater runoff flows over land and impervious surfaces, it accumulates debris, chemicals and sediments that could adversely affect water quality and cause significant harm to our canals, lakes and coastal waters.

Regular inspections are mandatory to assess the condition of structural/non-structural onsite controls, such as silt fencing, inlet protection, sediment basin function, hazardous materials housekeeping, and the stabilization of disturbed areas, for example.
NPDES (National Pollution Elimination Discharge Program) requires adequate BMP’s (Best Management Practices) along with a SWPPP (Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan - Narrative) to remain compliant. BMP’s (Best Management Practice) are imperative in reducing the amount of pollutants entering the stormwater system.
HEIS provides NPDES Stormwater inspection services to ensure our clients’ compliance with Federal and State regulations regarding point source discharges of pollutants.

We provide customized packages & flat fee rates; minimizing unforeseen costs during the wet season, leaving our clients worry-free.

 NPDES Stormwater Services:

  • SWPPP Preparation for permit
  • Permit Registration
  • NPDES Inspections
  • BMP monitoring and recommendations for long-term, pro-active compliance measures


 Cultivating trust while ensuring compliancy with the mandatory weekly, post rainfall event inspections.


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HEIS has extensive experience in all aspects of NPDES (National Pollution Discharge Elimination System) permitting under FDEP (Florida Department of Environmental Protection) Regulations. Our clients appreciate our easily implemented turnkey process
We provide NPDES compliance inspection services, as well as erosion and sediment control compliance inspections. Your SWPPP (Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan), Site Map and BMPs (Best Management Practices) are created and/or updated and thoroughly reviewed by our team before and during our inspection of your property—ensuring complete familiarity with the site.  We also assist our clients with State required SWPPP (Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan) by creating and/or updating per permit requisite

Our experienced team provides a detailed report and follows up to ensure corrective actions and measures are implemented in a timely manner and consistent with NPDES requirements.

HEIS‘ on-site inspections ensure that appropriate controls and measures are expertly implemented at your construction site to prevent stormwater runoff.

We eliminate stress resulting from the mandatory weekly & post-rain event inspections. We pride ourselves in impeccable record keeping and submittal of thorough inspection reports. 



  • On-site mandatory weekly inspections to ensure meeting of FDEP criteria
  • Preparation of inspection reports and documentation. Evaluation of current site condition of BMP’s controls: confirming these are in place and minimizing/managing erosion effectively; as well as controlling sediment and stormwater discharge
  • Identify required corrective actions
  • Record keeping, photograph documentation and reports
  • Correspondence with your local inspectors ensuring they have copies of your inspection reports
  • Daily/weekly weather monitoring, including reviewing weather stations near construction sites and reporting data accordingly






Our Licensed-inspector's role:


  • reviews SWPPPs
  • ensures all erosion & sediment control measures are properly implemented
  • evaluates whether erosion on site has been minimized & contained
  • inspects adjacent properties for any evidence of runoff
  • verifies entrance/exit controls, ensures storm drain filters and inlet protection are intact
  • ascertains & documents trash/debris containment & proper material management
  • monitors & tracks weather forecast daily for required rain events of ½ inch or more
  • provides impeccable weekly reporting & documentation



HEIS provides customized packages & flat fee rates; minimizing unforeseen costs during the wet season, leaving our clients worry-free.


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NPDES Inspections

Mandatory and required every seven (7) calendar days.

Post-Rainfall Inspections

Must be performed within 24hrs of a qualifying rain (starting at ½ an inch of rain). This inspection is necessary to determine whether the current controls are still in place and to document if any offsite discharges have occurred.

Silt Fences Controls

Are used to intercept and detain small amounts of sediment from disturbed areas during construction. They are also used to assist decreasing velocity of sheet flow and low-to-moderate level channel flows.

Entrance & Exit Stabilizations

Gravel and large rocks are placed at entrances and exits to reduce the amount of sediment that can be transported onto public roads.

Storm Drain Inlets

A sediment filter or an impounding area in, around, or upstream of a storm drain, drop inlet, or curb inlet.

Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan

A SWPPP for construction is a basic site plan statement, regarding how a construction site should be managed to prevent or significantly reduce discharge of pollutants from the site during construction activity. It must include appropriate controls & measures that will be implemented at the construction site to prevent stormwater runoff.

Dirt Pile Containment

Large exposed dirt piles should be contained and covered.

Material Storage

All loose construction materials should be contained and covered.

Marina NPDES Compliance

We provide NPDES compliance services for Florida Marinas and Boatyards. We make the permitting process easy: we complete site maps, update your Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP), handle your documentation and submit it to FDEP.

Stormwater Certifications

Not all companies play by the same rules. With HEIS, there are NEVER any hidden fees or surprises. We complete your Certification for Stormwater License 5-Year Renewal in its entirety. Holland Engineering has inspected, cleaned, repaired and solved stormwater drainage systems for over 20 years.

SSES Sanitary Sewer Evaluation Surveys

HEIS is one of the few engineering companies with over 20 years of experience, which performs SSES reports for Miami-Dade. Providing a turnkey solution for SSES. It MUST be signed & sealed by a Florida-licensed engineer with an updated sanitary sewer plan of your site prepared by the engineer.

Construction NPDES Inspections

We provide NPDES compliance inspection services. We perform weekly erosion and sediment control; and rain event inspections for construction projects. We make the permitting process easy by providing your SWPPP Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan and documentation, which we submit to FDEP.