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About Us

Founded by Principal Engineer Susan C. Holland in 1995, Holland Engineering Inc. (HEI) has provided civil engineering design services for top builders, architects, developers, property managers and corporate leaders. The firm is renowned for delivering quality civil engineering design under the most intense deadlines and budgetary pressures. Holland’s expertise and dedication has led to more than 95% of repeat business within the firm. She and our team of engineers specialize in a multitude of arenas, including (but not limited to): private residences, multi-family developments, commercial office buildings, retail buildings, industrial warehouse developments and various government municipality projects. As a WBE (Woman-owned Business Enterprise), Holland Engineering prides itself for being an innovative force in the industry.

The firm uniquely combines civil engineering design, knowledge and background with engineering inspection services. Our level of engineering professionalism and know-how is vital to ensuring proper inspection performance and managing our clients’ time and money with utmost efficiency.

In 2012, Susan joined forces with Catherine MacAskill to develop and streamline the engineering inspection process. Having become aware of the disparity between design market demands and contracted engineering certifications/inspections—the idea for a one-stop shop for all engineering services was born. They created a specialty division of HEI: HEIS (Holland Engineering Inspection Services).

Professional engineering services and inspections . . .
Brought together to better serve our clients

With the implementation of this division, all projects and engineering-related inspections—from inception to completion—would now become available in-house and be managed by a team of licensed professionals across a field of spectrums.

This makes us South Florida’s only firm offering the unique combination of both Engineering Design and Engineering Inspections and Certifications. We have completed hundreds of inspections and certifications, saving clients from additional costs, while providing them with peace of mind—knowing all services are being taken care of under one umbrella.

Our inspection process is unique in that licensed engineers are always involved in site inspections, their knowledge being paramount to the services we provide. Many businesses send contractors to inspect sites without an engineer, only sub-contracting them on an as-needed basis. Our engineering expertise is being used throughout the entire process providing professional project management, oversight, follow-up and quality control.

Commitment to Transparency and Excellence

The firm works solely with individuals possessing one-of-a-kind knowledge and expertise

Prizing long-term client relationships

The firm uniquely combines civil engineering design, knowledge and background with engineering inspection services